Impeachment serves you, not us

Dear Mitch, Nancy, Chuck, Kevin (YOU):

Because I believe YOU are intelligent, I can only assume that what YOU are doing is “pure politics” and has nothing to do with We the People (US). YOU talked about the D.C. protestors as obstructing the operation of our government but YOU did the exact same thing with your government shutdowns. YOU say that the violence at the Capitol is terrible because it is your house, but the McCloskeys of St. Louis were defending their house and YOU did nothing. In 2011, 100,000 protestors occupied the Capitol in Madison, Wis., and half of YOU praised it.

Following through with impeachment is literally “inciting insurrection” and YOU should be impeached. I pray to God for our country if YOU go through with this — and any blood is spilled on US next week, it will be on YOU!


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