A role model for getting along?

I was just reading a comprehensive series of articles about the mental health and behavior of children as we come out of the COVID pandemic situation and an attempt to return to what might be called normal. It seems the children who had to be sequestered during the pandemic have lost some ground in the area of getting along with others. That is not surprising, as if you are not with other children it is hard to learn to relate, not only to your peers but with society in general.

Now as some of you know from reading my previous letters, I usually look for a solution and this time I was lucky. A role model instantly popped up in my mind. The U.S. House of Representatives. Why not look to the very top for our role models? These people were elected as the best possible managers of our governmental business, so they must have the greatest skills in working with others. Where better place to look than among this esteemed group for examples of working with one’s peers. Right?

I know I usually elaborate a bit more but not this time. This time I am leaving it to the reader to decide if I am being cynical or just pointing out a sad, sad truth about some folks who should be very ashamed of their behavior. I have my answer. You will come up with yours, too. I am pretty sure of that.

Enjoy our beautiful fall season.


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