Appreciated all the work for a great Fourth


From Agatha Cavaini, Kingsford:

Our great community and surrounding areas did themselves good in observance of Independence Day:

-The parade, with Aaron Harper as grand marshal;

-When the color guard passed, some men removed their caps and placed their hand over their hearts, but the majority of spectators clapped their hands;

-Patriotic apparel was seen along the parade route;

– People greeting each other with “Happy Fourth” and smiles all around;

-The kiddy parade, the concert at the lake and the spectacular fireworks;

-The column of flags at the VA Hospital and homeowners also displaying Old Glory;

-Norway’s four-day celebration;

-All the campgrounds busy and churches well attended.

Mother Nature did her part, providing us with excellent weather.

These events could not and would not happen without the tireless planning and the precious hours given by our dedicated volunteers.

A great big thank you is just not enough. Job well done. All in all, one of the best Fourths ever.

Remember, too, our Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, along with the military members and their families.

Yes, indeed, God did bless our great nation, The United States of America.