Two more murals for downtown Iron Mountain

Bouquets & Barbs


News came this week that The Power of Words Project, headed by artist Mia Tavonatti, plans to paint two more wall murals in downtown Iron Mountain.

That will represent a ramping up of sorts for the project, doubling the number of murals already on display.

But if the public reaction to the “Community” mural added on the side of The Daily News building in June 2017 is any indication, the new additions will be more than welcome.

People regularly go over the 80-some local faces incorporated into the mural design, seeing if they recognize any as family, friend, someone with whom they’ve worked or otherwise done business.

That and the first mural “Believe,” done in 2013 on the west wall of Blackstone Pizza on East Hughitt Street, have been colorful, visually engaging assets to the downtown area.

And this time, no Patronicity crowdfunding campaign is needed to help finance the artwork. The two murals will be paid through an Artplace grant, local corporate contributions and individual sponsorships.

A new development in the project: It will expand to two other communities this summer, Manistique and Gladstone, with an aim at eventually spreading across the Upper Peninsula.

Tavonatti, an Iron Mountain native, has said in the past she envisioned as many as 11 to 15 murals in her hometown. It remains to be seen if that still is the goal as the project widens its scope.

But Iron Mountain can be grateful for what it already has gained.

And residents still can have a say in shaping these new murals: Through April 10, they can go online to www.powerofwordsproject.org and vote for the word on which the two new artworks will be based.

Last year, about 1,700 votes overall were cast, with “Community” coming out on top. Let’s hope that with two murals to be decided this time, even more will be compelled to be part of the process.