Keep bus safety in mind as classes start in the region

Today and Tuesday will mark the start of classes for many public schools in the Upper Peninsula.

With that in mind, it seems timely to pass along advice from the Michigan State Police on making sure your children know about bus safety, while reminding motorists they need to share the road with school vehicles.

Parents should talk to their children about the School Bus Danger Zones that extend 10 feet from the bus in all directions. When leaving the bus, children should walk 10 feet away from the bus before turning. Children crossing in front of the bus should move forward away from the bus until they can make eye contact with the driver. They should never cross in front of the bus without the driver’s permission.

Additional safety tips include:

— Have a safe place to wait for the bus, away from traffic and the street.

— Do not run or play while waiting for the bus.

— Make sure to always remain in clear view of the bus driver. Never go behind the bus.

— Stay away from the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver signals you to enter.

— Walk to the bus stop with a buddy.

— Mind all traffic signals and/or the crossing guard. Never cross the street against a light, even if you do not see traffic coming.

— Do not talk to strangers. Tell your parents if a stranger tries to talk to you.

— Never leave with a stranger or get into a stranger’s vehicle.

Motorists are reminded to pay attention to school bus lights and observe the school bus stop law.

When approaching a school bus with its lights activated, motorists should always:

— Prepare to stop when a slowing bus has its overhead yellow lights flashing.

— Come to a complete stop at least 20 feet away from the bus when its overhead red lights are flashing. Do not proceed until the bus resumes motion and/or you are signaled to do so by the bus driver.

— Proceed with caution when the hazard warning lights, located near the headlights, are flashing.


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