Time to support — and enjoy — the county fair

While the Labor Day holiday might signal autumn is drawing near, a final full taste of summer can be enjoyed this weekend by taking in the Dickinson County Fair in Norway.

This is not just the last of the region’s county fairs but offers the full experience, with livestock and live music, horsepower in mechanical and animal form, entertainment, carnival rides and the usual foods to indulge in even when common sense might recommend otherwise.

It also recognizes the work of the various area 4-H clubs, tending to animals and vegetables, or developing a display to present for the judge’s scrutiny. This often has been a major commitment of time and work for these young 4-H members, worthy of encouragement and praise.

So go and soak in the atmosphere, see the dairy cows, beef cattle, swine, lambs and goats, rabbits and poultry. Eat foods you probably shouldn’t and enjoy every decadent bite. Admire the horticultural, textile or artistic and craft skills of others laid out in the exhibition halls. Respect the pulling power of muscled horses or finely tuned and fueled engines.

Fairs are events not just well worth supporting but easy to enjoy. As with summer, it will be all too soon done for the year.