New state police mobile app has practical uses

Just when you thought you had loaded every possible mobile app onto your smartphone that you could possibly want or need, the Michigan State Police have another one you might consider.

And unlike what a lot of people have on their phones now, which often are little more than time and battery eaters, this one has features that residents — especially motorists — might find useful.

MSP Mobile went active this past week. It was designed to allow users to follow the post that serves their community or any post of their choosing. Users can opt to receive push notifications that will instantly alert them to traffic crashes, arrests, criminal investigations, community events and other education and prevention information.

Notably, the app also allows users to submit crime tips direct to the MSP, allowing for the easy upload of photos or video to support the tip.

Other key features of MSP Mobile include:

— Profiles of Michigan’s most wanted fugitives

— Search the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry

— Help solve cold cases

Contact information and driving directions for MSP posts and districts statewide in a format that is GPS-enabled and sortable by city/address

“It’s our goal to make connecting with the MSP as easy as possible,” said Col. Joe Gasper, director of the MSP. “This new app puts important public safety information literally in your hand and allows each user to customize their experience and interaction.”

To view a video tutorial of the features of MSP Mobile, go to www.michigan.gov/MSPmobile. Readers with mobile devices may want to check it out.


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