NMU continues trend of growing its overall enrollment

There was positive news recently from the campus of Northern Michigan University. NMU continues to buck state and national trends by growing its overall enrollment, something most colleges and universities only dream of these days.

According to the school’s all-important 10th day enrollment report, the fall headcount has increased by 1.8% from last year while the number of new first-time freshmen remained relatively the same. Student enrollment grew by 137 compared to fall 2018.

NMU has 7,732 students enrolled this semester.

Graduate and online enrollments have shown particularly positive strides, according to a press release from NMU. The new first-time graduate student enrollment rate surged by 71 students, a 63.4% increase.

Lisa Schade-Eckert, dean of Graduate Education and Research, noted graduate enrollment gains are not from just a single data point, but represent “a combination of factors. These include new programs like the master of social work and early childhood education; stability in existing programs; an increased focus on recruitment and marketing last year; a review of admission requirements to emphasize inclusivity and access; and the team effort and support from stakeholders across campus.”

Jason Nichols, NMU’s director of Institutional Research and Analysis, noted projections for Michigan indicated colleges and universities would have 1.3% fewer high school grads coming to them this fall.

“Staying even in this population is a big win and critical to the continued growth of the overall headcount moving forward. It shows NMU’s appeal has increased among prospective students in recent years,” he said.

Give President Fritz Erickson and his crew credit for doing something officials in a great many other colleges and universities across the state and nation are struggling with. And that’s good news for not only NMU, but all of Superiorland.


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