A salute to the team that delivers The Daily News

Bouquets and Barbs


From Jennifer Flynn, Daily News circulation manager:

Today is International Carrier Day. On behalf of myself and everyone here at The Daily News, I would like to take this moment to recognize all of our bundle haulers, carriers and motor route drivers for their hard work, reliability and dependability. We realize that it takes a special kind of dedication and commitment to deliver the newspaper day in and day out, six days a week, 307 days a year, in a timely fashion.

Weather events, along with vehicle issues and equipment breakdowns, add delays to their days and are issues that just can’t be helped. The winter of 2019 was probably one of the biggest challenges we have had to face in years. Add in summer construction and these are just some of the issues our drivers and carriers face every day. There are occasions when you will see the carrier’s family helping out so that the carrier can participate in after-school activities or they have postponed personal priorities to ensure that your paper is delivered.

Carriers of The Daily News are proud to bring local, state and national news, local and national sports, plus money-saving coupons for food and gas to you, six days a week.

We have been bringing The Daily News to you since 1921 and will continue to do so for many more years to come. 

Please join The Daily News in saluting our 54 bundle haulers, carriers and motor route drivers for their hard work, commitment and dedication in providing top-notch home delivery service. Those who would like to thank their carrier with kind words or something more can let us know at 906-774-2772.