Remembering for Memorial Day the sacrifices made

Bouquets and Barbs


From students in fourth through eighth grades, Holy Spirit Catholic School, Norway:

We hope that everyone will take a moment to think about Memorial Day. There are many moving images all around us in the news. It is easy to feel sad about the loss of life but instead we encourage people to contemplate the sacrifices these heroes made and to feel uplifted.

These images remind us that many have given up their lives to protect our country. Their families sacrificed as well, losing their loved ones. They also remind us that we need to love our families and be grateful for them.

One of our school traditions is helping to prepare the Norway Cemetery for Memorial Day. We were sad to have missed this time to help in the community. We appreciate that others stepped up and made this happen and hope that next year we will be there again.

President Abraham Lincoln’s famous words at Gettysburg inspire us to be courageous and positive even in times of great challenges. We encourage everyone to take time to remember “those who gave their lives that the nation might live.”

Appreciated help when boat capsized on lake


From Duane Johnson, Faithorn:

I recently had my boat capsize on Lake Antoine. Someone called police and they acted quickly, plus contacted my wife to see if I was OK.The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department and Michigan State Police, along with others, pulled my boat out of the lake onto land. I want to send a shout-out of thank you to all who helped.


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