Texans thank the UP electricians who came after Hurricane Laura

Bouquets and Barbs

Bouquet: Hi. I am from Orange, Texas. We are recovering from Hurricane Laura. The other day, riding around with my niece looking for food, we passed a lot of electric trucks helping our local energy company. The trucks are from Iron Mountain and some from Port Huron. My niece, Abby, asked why so many. I told her, “Abby, those trucks right there are from Michigan. They drove down to help us.” Abby asked why. I said because in the U.S.A., when we hurt, everyone hurts. Abby begin holding up the “I love you” sign.

The reason I am writing you all is it’s the small things — not the COVID, not the politics. This is what the news is really about: the good, the love.

So next time you are all out and about, be proud of your local electric guys and girls. They helped more than they know and more than they probably ever have been thanked for.

I just want to tell them from our family, southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana, a huge thank you and a big ole Texas welcome!


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