Lorinser mulling run for Michigan’s First Congressional seat

Next year’s race for Michigan’s First Congressional District seat presently occupied by Jack Bergman got more interesting last week — maybe.

That’s because a local Democrat of note has established what’s being termed an exploratory committee to look hard at a 2022 run.

Dr. Bob Lorinser, the head of the Marquette County Health Department, a former area physician in practice who spent years working for the U.S. State Department overseas, is considering throwing his hat into the ring.

Michigan’s First District is comprised of the Upper Peninsula and the northernmost counties of the Lower Peninsula.

In a letter to the community that local news outlets covered and made the rounds on social media, Lorinser pledged, if elected, to serve as a statesman, drawing on his background to make decisions.

Should he officially announce, getting elected won’t be easy. Although Bergman presents as a simple U.S. Marine turned public servant, he has proven to be an exceedingly resilient, canny politician who keeps an ear to the First District rail 24-7 while easily moving in and out of top-tier Republican circles in Washington, D.C.

Bergman, most would agree, is a rock-solid supporter of former President Donald Trump. He voted against certifying the 2020 election while questioning the overall honesty of the contest.

The candidate the Democrats put up against Bergman last year was a game young chap who invested a great deal of shoe leather in the campaign. But Negaunee’s Dana Ferguson just wasn’t in the general’s league, who won going away.

Lorinser might be a more formidable opponent, however. He has a varied background, he’s well known and by all accounts, well regarded. And — this is important — he may have access to greater financial resources than Ferguson.

Under any circumstances, 2022’s race for Michigan’s First Congressional District seat just got more interesting — maybe.

— The Mining Journal, Marquette


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