Response to ‘Fears about ACA, VA and Social Security’


I find it interesting that, when a report on exactly what the government is going to do (facts, not speculation) hasn’t been released, that so many others know what is in the plan. Point in fact is this Letter to the Editor in the Jan. 23 Daily News:

“While I admit the Affordable Care needs to be fixed, repealing it will bankrupt many families and increase the national debt by billions. Fixing it will actually be cheaper. This will keep the cost of medical care affordable and catch illness earlier.”

At this point in time, no one knows what the government has in the works. This woman must be clairvoyant, as she knows what the exact effects of their plan will be. My question is: How do you know?

“Privatizing the VA would hurt all veterans. It is also unrealistic considering many points, including the very scope and size of the Veterans Administration and what they do.”

There are many things that private industry/business can do that the government cannot do. Obviously, running any aspect of health care is one of those aspects that our government is clueless about. The majority of Americans have voted on that and the results are in. Privatizing might be the best thing they can do.

“I recently talked to a doctor working at the Iron Mountain VA about the Choice cards veterans have been getting. That provider said the veterans are able to get more care than they should at this time. It is more than Medicare would allow in some cases. This will make the Choice program look like it would be a great bet. The problem is that once everyone is on the Choice program they are going to limit the amount of care allowed.”

Again I ask: Is this woman clairvoyant?

Again she claims to know what is going to happen in the future.

Is she in Trump’s Cabinet, to be fortunate enough to be in access to this material that no one else is?

“Overhauling the Social Security System is something the government does not have the right to do. The money used for Social Security payments is money that was put in while you were working.”

On Social Security, I totally agree. The money was “borrowed” from “us” by the government. The government is required to pay it back with just interest or it is stealing from every and any citizen who has paid into the system.

Yes, we do have a voice, but my recommendation is to wait and see what plans are released in the near future before we predict the effects they will have on existing systems. Let’s see what their plans are before judging them.

Gregg Hasenjaeger

Iron Mountain