Busy City Park a sign of spring

This past week on one of the warmer and sunnier days, City Park was very busy, one of the best recreational areas in the city.

As you enter the park, the bocce area was still covered with a little ice and snow. Kids on spring break were skateboarding, the playground area was very active.

Oldsters were sitting at picnic tables, enjoying the sun.

Mothers with strollers, while cars drove down by the deer area, looking for the albino. Tennis and soccer players, thinking of competition and winning.

Bike path didn’t seem to be used, perhaps too muddy and wet. But why the rocks? Safety precautions? Beautiful intentions? And where did they all come from.

Home owners near the park, raking leaves and spotting robins and hoping rain will green things up a little.

A sure sign of spring that gladdens the heart.