Vote for senior center millage

The August primary election is coming up and the senior citizen center millage is on the ballot. If not able to get to the polls, absentee ballots are available. Senior centers offer delicious meals daily, noon lunches and night meals at reasonable prices, along with delivered meals for the homebound.

Senior centers have activities and events information, referrals, volunteer opportunities and services for area seniors. Cards, bingo, occasional dances, arts and crafts and ceramics classes, adult coloring, pool, transportation, puzzles and quilting.

Birthdays and holidays are celebrated, morning coffee and snacks and pasty sales. Companionship is a number one priority and very important.

Doors always are open to caregivers, grandchildren, new area residents and the general public.

Mark your calendars for Aug. 7 and get out and vote for the senior center millage.

Any questions, you can call any senior center.