Make sure to get it in writing

I had an experience at a local dentist office that should be a reminder to everyone to get things in writing.

Back in January, I developed a toothache. I went a well-known dentist and was given two options, one quite expensive. The insurance person assured me that with my two coverages, I would pay little or nothing for the expensive procedure. I didn’t ask for a written estimate.

Long story short, I owe 80 percent of the total and am told “the person I talked to before no longer works there.” Hmmm, wonder why?

Will the dentist work with me? Split the difference? Nope. Pay up, dummy. OK, so I did.

As a veteran and patient, I would hope that glaring misrepresentation by one’s staff would be handled a bit better. I have had good service at other dentists. I guess “well known” isn’t always better. Get it in writing.