Supports Carlson for judge

As your former prosecutor, district judge and current circuit judge, I am proud to endorse Grant Carlson to be our next district judge. I do not regularly endorse candidates. However, I felt compelled under these circumstances. I am familiar with and respect the judicial appointment process. But the reality is that politics can influence decisions that are made in Lansing. The mere fact that a candidate receives a political appointment does not necessarily mean that they are the most qualified to hold that office. Judicial positions are non-partisan for a reason and we expect our judges to rise above partisan politics. In fact, my former position was never even opened to applicants prior to the appointment.

As a voter, you now have a chance to be heard instead of having Lansing insiders make the choice for you –this is, in essence, an open seat, as your voice will be heard here for the first time.

I have known Grant for 25 years. He is fair, compassionate, tough, intelligent and wise. Grant will reach out to our schools, law enforcement and area agencies to help educate our children, address the drug crisis and provide a safer community by holding criminals accountable. He will also restore the veterans court and sobriety court programs that have, unfortunately, not enrolled any new clients within the past seven months.

Grant has established a reputation for being ethical, fair and the consummate professional. That is why he is the only candidate being supported publicly by local judges, attorneys, law enforcement officials and community leaders.

I encourage you to join us in voting for Grant on Tuesday.