Reunion of Vietnam veterans

HAVING BREAKFAST AT Fob’s Restaurant in Crystal Falls are, from left, the LeFleurs, Deborah “Ladybug” and Bob; and the Sawyers, Thelma and John.


I am sending a photo of two old veterans and their wives who were reunited June 4 after nearly 51 years.

Bob LeFleur of Florence, Wis., and I served in Vietnam with the 20th Engineer Battalion at Pleiku in 1968. We lost contact after Vietnam.

After 50 years, I thought I’d try to find my old friend. With some research on the computer, I found an old phone number and address. The number was disconnected. Luckily, the letter I sent was forwarded to Bob. A little time later, I heard Bob’s voice after 50-plus years. His voice sounded like only a day went by.

My wife, Thelma, and I spent June 4 and 5 with Bob and Deborah, or “Ladybug.” They gave us a grand tour of Wisconsin and Michigan. We had breakfast at Fob’s Restaurant in Crystal Falls. I was treated to a Fob’s chocolate pie from Bob and Deborah.

John Sawyer

Kouts, Indiana