Taking Trump to task on truth


Now is the time for some truth.

We know what a disaster the first presidential debate was. Every intelligent American and the rest of the world knew President Trump’s rantings were his oft-repeated lies. Ditto the third debate. The old adage, “he lies so much he believes it himself” is Trump in capital letters. Then the temper tantrum on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” A typical bully tactic — if I can’t have my way, I’m taking my toys and going home. What of the big packet — his health plan — nothing in it!

Women Republican voters, with the Supreme Court appointee, we’ll be back to pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter. All of the pompous oration from Republican senators when President Obama had the opportunity nine months before an election to appoint — oh no, too close to the election. I guess nine months is shorter than a month. With this kind of deception, it makes me wonder what is truly in the heart of Republicans — certainly not empathy.

Trump has disparaged veterans; his supporters, who he says have disgusting hands; wants to send back to the “country where they came from” women in the U.S. House, naturalized citizens (what about two of his wives?); and now applauds the nut cases who wanted to kidnap our governor.

And you think he’s a Christian — are you? Really!

S.J. Westfahl

Crystal Falls


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