The hype behind ‘climate change’

In the April 5 edition of The Daily News was an article, “UN: Climate path unlivable,” which is a lot of hype put out again by the Associated Press and the United Nations’ secretary-general on the climate.

The climate has been changing since God made the Earth. Global warming (now called climate change) is not true in the sense that the Earth is getting hotter. This is all hype, as introduced by Al Gore and is more accurately described as “Climategate” and being prompted by left politicians and elites to control governments and people to get what they want.

The intergovernmental panel on climate change is a bunch of scientists that are working with grants from organizations paying them for a prescribed outcome to what they want to appease the politicians and elites to claim the sky is falling and soon.

It’s all a lot of hogwash and the U.S, has bought into it to the tune of billions of dollars to the UN. The 2015 Paris Accord is nothing more than to control the U.S. and our economy.

A book called “Hot Talk, Cold Science,” by S. Fred Singer lays out the whole truth with the real facts. Just need to follow the money.

Vance Jones



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