ScuttleBu(r)t: Mariucci has answer for preseason


ScuttleBu(r)t …

Exasperated with watching four meaningless NFL preseason games?

Peter King of “Football Morning In America” say Iron Mountain’s Steve Mariucci has got the right idea. The NFL Network analyst and former NFL coach wants to see two exhibition games and two controlled scrimmages.

Fans are paying good money to see back-ups and rookies in preseason games while the starters play little or watch.

Mariucci also wants to see high school football players in more than one sport.

“Kids of all ages should participate in several sports and activities to determine which of these they enjoy most,” Mariucci said on social media. “Versatility has value. Find your passion after a thorough search.”

Twenty-nine of the NFL’s first-round pick were multi-sport athletes in high school …

Cleveland Browns assistant coach Bob Wylie downplayed a conditioning drill on HBO’s “Hard Knocks:” “We won two World Wars without stretching.”

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Independence (Kansas) Coach Jason Brown verbally assaults his players and assistants but turns out a winning team.

“Correction is not criticism,” Brown said.

Another gem from the coach: “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.”

One more: “Players win football games. Coaches lose them.”