DCHS operating in the black but at what cost?

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Recently, I was hospitalized for five days at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital with a severe upper respiratory illness.

The nurses were wonderful as far as assessing my condition, conferring with the physician, passing medications, etc., but it was very obvious that they were short-staffed.

Not once in those five days was I offered assistance getting up to walk, wash up, brush my teeth, and only once did they help change my gown and bedding. I waited for my husband to get there to help me with all of those things.

The doctor encouraged pushing fluids, but rarely did I get my water refilled without having to ask for it.

My urine output was being measured, with a “hat” in the toilet. It was seldom emptied, so I emptied it myself, wrote down the cc’s and reported it to the nurse.

I felt like I was in a self-serve hospital.

These are all tasks that certified nursing assistants could have done. In other hospitals, CNAs are a valuable resource and are beneficial in patient recovery.

Does DCHS employ CNAs? If not, why?

There are so many assistants to the assistants of the heads of departments. Clear out more of them and get some patient care in there instead.

I’m happy to see our interim CEO is taking steps that have DCHS operating in the black, but if patients aren’t happy with their care, the hospital’s future will still be in jeopardy.

Thanks, stranger who paid for lunch

To the gentlemen who paid for my sister’s lunch at Carlos Cantina at 2:30 p.m. Aug. 6 —

My sister took me out for my birthday lunch, and what you did was very unexpected. You made my birthday that much more special.

We thank you so much. You show that there are special people in this world

We will pay it forward!


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