Governor’s ban not needed — vaping already illegal for kids

Speak Out

Governor Whitmer’s emergency decree banning Michigan adults from flavored e-cigarettes so children can’t vape — even though it’s already illegal for children — is a thinly disguised ploy. As the saying goes, “follow the money.”

The pharmaceutical industry, one of the state’s biggest lobbies, produces “nicotine replacement therapies.” The explosion of e-cigs has decimated sales of pills, patches and gum.

NRTs can work short-term but have almost no long-term efficacy. Numerous studies show after six weeks, they’re actually less effective than placebo! In contrast, hundreds of thousands of ex-smokers have successfully quit smoking via e-cigs. Well, until now.

Exploiting children is deplorable, but the six-month “emergency” ban will allow lawmakers with pharmaceutical campaign donations time to concoct a better excuse. Banning adults from adults-only products because children exist shouldn’t fly with anyone. Outlawing flavored adult products for this reason should trigger alarm bells for everyone (particularly drinkers).

It will also destroy vape shops and other small businesses throughout Michigan-whether or not the future bill even passes.

Emergency decrees were once common in communist and Nazi-occupied countries. Here, it’s rare for someone to come along and smack freedom in the face so transparently. Whether or not you vape (I don’t, by the way), we’re presented here with a rare choice: stand up for the freedom of others, or let yourself get trampled on for the first time of what will be many.

Join me in voicing concerns to state Rep. Beau LaFave of Iron Mountain at BeauLaFave@house.mi.gov or through his Facebook page, facebook.com/LaFave108th/.


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