Questions low price for golf course in CF

The Crystal Falls City Council accepted a bid of $161,000 to be paid on a four-year land contract for the sale of the Crystal View Golf Course. I was in attendance at the Crystal Falls City Council meeting on Oct. 14.

Dawn Margoni of Wild Rivers Realty stated that she had received two offers on the property. The property is listed at $249,900, which includes 78 acres. Michael Peters offered $180,000 and Jim Emmers, representing and acting as “signatory of the buying entity,” made an offer of $150,000 plus interest, to be paid on a four-year land contract. Mayor Mike McCarthy accepted a bid of $161,000 from Emmers & Company. Apparently the details had been settled before the meeting.

The golf course sits on 57 (46.79) acres. The city sold the second lot to total 78 acres but is buying back a portion to complete the Paint River Boardwalk.

Jim Emmers will not personally be the buyer, but will assign an assignee before closing.

Wild Rivers Real Estate is to pay applicable commission to Expert Commercial as the procuring/selling agent.

This information is taken from the Commercial Offer to Purchase, dated Sept. 30, that was presented to the city of Crystal Falls by Jim Emmers, representing CVCF LLC, and accepted by Mayor McCarthy.

This is our city council. Why aren’t they giving us more information?

The next city council meeting is 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, in the Crystal Falls City Hall. I would encourage people to come and ask questions.


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