Keep Her Safe

Bestselling author Sophie Hannah (who has the honor of having been authorized by the Estate of Agatha Christie to write two Hercule Poirot novels) has written a thoughtful thriller which will keep the read engaged to the very last sentence.

Hannah’s “Keep Her Safe” (William Morrow, 344 pages) tells the story of an English woman, Cara Burrows, who becomes embroiled in one of the most celebrated murders in America.

Finding herself with an unplanned pregnancy, which was not well received by her two children and husband, Cara Burrows flies to the ultra-luxurious Swallowtail Resort and Spa in Arizona, to take some time away from her insensitive family.

After a grueling flight from Britain to Arizona, Cara checks into the spa but enters the wrong room. She walks in on a teenage girl and mature man.

Cara discovers that the girl is Melody Chapa. She was presumed to have been murdered by her parents who were convicted of this crime and are now serving life sentences in prison.

As Cara unravels the mystery surrounding Melody Chapa, she finds herself and her unborn child in danger.

In addition to writing a suspenseful crime novel, Hannah delivers a wry critique of the circus-like atmosphere that surrounds so many trials and the “celebrity” lawyer who dispenses “justice” with a heavy hand in search of television ratings.

Hannah’s novel is witty, well written and delivers a killer ending which will leave the reader wanting to read her next book.