Killing Season

Prolific author Faye Kellerman has written what may be her most ambitious novel.

Her latest work, “Killing Season” (William Morrow, 696 pages) was originally published as a three-part serialized e-book, but is now available in a paperback edition.

The story centers on Ben Vicksburg, a precocious teenager who is committed to finding the fiend who murdered his sister, Ellen, four years ago.

Ben, a mathematical genius, uses his logic and computer skills to comb the internet searching unsolved murders in hopes of uncovering clues which will identify Ellen’s killer.

He spots a pattern which suggests that there is a serial killer traveling across country preying on young girls. Worse yet, Ben suspects that the killer is someone associated with the nation’s nuclear research facilities, and thus, has the perfect cover of secrecy to commit his crimes.

The length of this novel highlights the emotional turmoil faced by families of murder victims whose cases are unsolved and the seemingly endless frustration they face as they seek justice for their slain loved ones.

In the midst of this tragic story of the Vicksburg family, the author weaves in a tender tale of teenage first love. Faye Kellerman’s Ben Vicksburg is a likable, somewhat nerdish character and his almost obsessive quest for finding his sister’s killer produces a gripping tale of suspense.