Sunday Silence

Nicci French continues her series featuring psychologist and police consultant Frieda Klein in “Sunday Silence.” (William Morrow, 403 pages.)

Frieda Klein is convinced that killer Dean Reeve is alive, though the London police believe he had killed himself.

But when the body of Bruce Stringer, an ex-cop hired by Klein to help find Dean Reeve, is found underneath the floorboards in Frieda’s house, it becomes obvious to her that Dean Reeve is sending her the message that he is alive and well and as murderous as ever.

Frieda’s niece, Chloe, is kidnapped, drugged and a photograph is taken of her in a very vulnerable position and sent to journalist Daniel Blackstock.

Klein’s friend, Reuben, fighting cancer, is assaulted with a crowbar.

As her family and friends become targets of a psychopath, Frieda Klein discovers something extremely disturbing – someone is imitating Dean Reeve and this fiend must be caught.

As Frieda Klein seeks this new copycat, she must use her considerable professional skills to break what seems to be an unbreakable alibi.

Nicci French has written a gripping novel worthy of fans of modern British police fiction.