The Moscow Offensive

Retired U.S. Air Force captain Dale Brown has another chapter in his excellent military fiction series featuring the father and son team of Patrick and Brad McLanahan.

The McLanahans continue their battle against the aggressive Russian President Gryzlov, who is plotting a number of daring raids on America in “The Moscow Offensive.” (William Morrow, 421 pages)

America is being led by the feckless President Stacy Anne Barbeau, a political hack who has failed to recognize the fanatical ambitions of the Russian leader Gennadiy Gryzlov.

Through a straw purchase, Gryzlov obtains control over FXR, an air and ground freight company. He uses FXR to transport his select group of mercenaries to the United States where are they are to carry out raids which are meant to look like acts of terrorism.

To make matters worse, the Russians have obtained the plans of the Cybernetic Infantry Devices, developed for the Iron Wolf Squadron, an elite military squadron led by the McLanahans.

Based in Poland, the premier nation in the formed Alliance of Free Nations, a group of former Soviet satellite states are dedicated to preserving their independence from the Russian Bear.

In a series of bloody raids, the Russians attack an air force base in Louisiana and the naval fleet in San Diego. They take on their most decisive move yet with a plan to kill the political opponent of President Barbeau, who tries to dismiss these attacks as the actions of Patrick McLanahan who has gone rogue against his native country.

The McLanahans have their most difficult task yet — they must stop the barbaric Gryzlov — as he attempts to bring America to her knees while exposing the duplicity of President Barbeau, whose politically motivated pacifism has embolden the ruthless Russian leader.

As with his previous novels, Dale Brown delivers a high-tech military thriller with a message which warns of the perils of military weakness and ineffectual leadership in this very dangerous world.