Book review: The Last Lie

Infidelity and dishonesty have destroyed many marriages. Such is the plot line behind Alex Lane’s latest novel, “The Last Lie.” (Harper 360/on sale Dec. 31)

The prologue starts with a woman driving alone only to be shocked as she comes across a naked woman, apparently fleeing her abductor.

The book then takes on the story of Claire Daniels and her husband Alfie. Claire believes she has the ideal marriage to her husband, a former musician who serenaded her and her guests at her birthday party.

But not all is as it seems.

The one dark cloud in their relationship is their inability to have children. Claire is hit with a double whammy of bad news as she discovers the truth concerning their infertility and proof of her husband’s infidelity while being stalked by a sinister man named Henry Bryant.

It is just a matter of time and the marriage of Alfie and Claire becomes the subject of a police inquiry.

In this age-old tale of the dangers of the little rich girl marrying far beneath her class, Lane adds a twist to this gripping story of the unholy union of matrimony and murder.


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