Book Review: “Careless Love”

Peter Robinson has written his 25th Inspector Alan Banks novel, “Careless Love.” (William Morrow, 301 pages)

Banks and his squad have a pair of suspicious deaths to investigate.

The first involves a young woman, well-dressed and found in a car that had been in an accident out on a country road. But the woman was not killed in the car crash, rather, her body had been placed there after the police had noted the accident. The post-mortem shows the woman died of a drug overdose.

The second death involves another well-dressed corpse. In this case, a wealthy man is found with a broken neck, having fallen from a high point into a gully below in the wilds of Tetchley Moor.

That two bodies should be found in the remote moorland wearing evening attire implies something more than a coincidence and Banks and his team are determined to find the link between the two cases.

That the decedents are a young attractive woman, and a much older, wealthy man, is also quite suggestive.

As with the other stories involving Inspector Banks, Robinson adds a degree of realism in that these cases are not solved in a neat tidy little bundle, but a nagging

element of doubt as to culpability remains for the reader to ponder.

On a lighter note, his Jamaican colleague, Detective Sergeant Winsome Jackman, is now married and expecting her first child. This Banks’ reader eagerly awaits the appearance of the latest member of his endearing team of detectives.


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