League always non-partisan

I am always pleased to see the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin’s Advocacy highlighted around the state in print and other media.

I am writing with a clarification to your paper’s mention of the League. In the article you picked up from AP’s Scott Bauer, Mr. Bauer incorrectly asserted the League was on the same side as the Democrats on voter access issues. I must point out that the League is in fact a non-partisan organization and has been for 100 years. We neither support nor oppose candidates or parties. Our positions on voter access have been the same since the ’70s and are also non-partisan. I believe it is an unfair characterization to assert that Democrats or Republicans are either for or against the access of voters to their right to vote. Our democracy is dependent upon it. It is of no import which party undermines the democratic process. The League will advocate for the voter and their rights.


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