Payout proof Fox was guilty


Sorry for all the Fox News watchers, but the company didn’t pay out over three-quarters of a billion dollars to an approximately $60 million company if they were not guilty of lies causing defamation.

If you think Mr. Murdoch would rubber stamp that type of payout if Fox was not guilty I’ve got the Mac Bridge I can sell you at a good price.

Skewing stories is done by all the major news networks. But, it is night and day between having a liberal or conservative slant to a story compared to telling outright lies. Especially when those same lies caused radical reactions from some people who trusted Fox News. (Dominion Voting Systems employees received death threats.)

There are other major lawsuits coming against Fox. Unfortunately for Fox, none of the lawsuits are fake news.

(Side note: As proof I am not some gloating liberal, the teen mob that attacked people in downtown Chicago last month — one video showed a couple being assaulted — I can assure you if I had the power, things of that nature would not be occurring in our cities.)

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain


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