Act of Betrayal

Matthew Dunn continues his series featuring the former CIA/MI6 operative, Will Cochrane, in his latest novel of high stakes espionage, “Act of Betrayal.” (William Morrow, 299 pages)

Will Cochrane is a wanted man, having been accused of killing several federal agents. But his latest worries concern a special job he had been recruited for in Berlin, where he was assigned the duty of killing Otto Raeder, German financier of terror cells.

The black op went haywire when its director, Col. Haden, disappeared shortly after the assassination with Raeder’s money.

As a select group composed of FBI agents and two ex-New York police officers trail him — with the orders to kill, if necessary — Cochrane has to unravel what went

wrong with the Berlin job.

The plot points to an act of betrayal from the highest level of government — with a conspirator with access to the Oval Office.

While trying to stay alive and find the plotters in the Berlin case, Cochrane yearns to devise a life of normalcy which includes adopting the twin sons of his former colleague, Roger Koenig, who was killed in an operation in Lebanon.

For those who like an updated version of James Bond, Matthew Dunn’s Will Cochrane books are spy stories at their finest.