Consider donating stimulus funds to others in need

Food and medicine: necessities of life. Like many others, this week I received a one-time stimulus payment from my fellow taxpayers. It’s nice. I might put part of it toward some needed home repairs. But had I not received it, I could still eat. I could still fill my prescriptions, and if I needed any other health care, Medicare would be there for me.

In this life, blessings are not always distributed evenly, nor rained down upon equal circumstances. Many are out of work, have lost health coverage and have no money for medicines. If you are one of these, consider calling the Medical Care Access Coalition for prescription assistance or help navigating the health insurance marketplace. There you will be treated with honest respect. There may be help available of which you are not aware.

If you are among the fortunate ones who genuinely have no immediate need for your share of the stimulus money, might I suggest that you consider putting it back into the local economy by donating a portion of it to the MCAC. You’ll be helping a neighbor in need, making it easier for all of us to get through this together.


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