Why did it get to this point?


On March 27, 2018, headlines in The Daily News read: “County approves DCHS sale to Bellin.”

At a meeting open to the public held on Monday, March 26, 2018, and attended by over 200 people from this community, the reception of Bellin acquiring DCHS was positive and welcoming.

Next thing we see in the headlines: “Bellin will not be purchasing DCHS.” New headlines: “DCHS looking into possible sale to LifePoint Health.” That did not happen.

Next in the headlines: “DCHS headed to bankruptcy?” Then: “DCHS to seek bankruptcy counsel.” The Dickinson County Board of Commissioners were quick to jump on the bankruptcy bandwagon.

The Dickinson County Healthcare System is the largest employer in Dickinson County. To set them on a path to bankruptcy without exploring all their options was unconscionable. Thankfully an outside source suggested another option to hire Venable LLC. Former Congressman Bart Stupak is associated with this firm and we heard from him at the Monday, Oct. 22, county commissioners meeting.

His report was encouraging. But why did it get to this point? Why did the county commissioners not know that the hospital was in trouble? Was their liaison to the hospital, County Commissioner Joe Stevens, kept in the dark?

The current CEO of DCHS had been making over $300,000 a year, and now they hire an outside consulting firm for $150,000. Seems to me that maybe the CEO should foot the bill for this one.

The county board was not overseeing the hospital, they were overlooking it.

It is well past time for new leadership on the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners. That is why I am supporting for county commissioners: R. Douglas Stock, Kevin Pirlot, Dale Alessandrini, Geno Alessandrini Jr. and John Degenaer Jr.

Judy M. Stock